When I’m not travelling I still like to write about all things related to beauty, fashion, mental health and fitness.

Our favourite travel destinations

I’ve rounded up some opinions from 7 travel and lifestyle bloggers and influencers to bring you our favourite travel destinations. In this article you’ll get to hear from avid travellers about their favourite travel destinations, what makes these places so special, and why you should consider travelling here…

London walking tour

I’ve put together a London walking tour that highlights all of my favourite places, sights, bars and restaurants. Visit my blog to see more, and download the map to your phone!

Woman looking back at two asian elephants

4 reasons why I loved Chiang Mai

When I visited Thailand, one of the places I loved the most was Chang Mai. There are of course a whole load of reasons I loved this place, but I’ve tried to keep it short and sweet for easy reading!

25 days of beauty

Advent calendars aren’t what they used to be, are they? As a kid my mum always used to buy me a Dairy Milk advent calendar, but this year she bought me the “25 days of beauty” advent calendar from No7. As much as I appreciate this gift, I am still disappointed she didn’t get meContinue reading “25 days of beauty”


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