I’m Lilli, a 25-year-old marketing officer with a passion for travel and adventure. When I’m not working the 9 to 5 in London, I’m exploring what the city, country and world has to offer. I use my blog and instagram to tell the stories of the best (and worst!) of my antics including travel guides, tips and tricks, hotel, restaurant and experiences reviews, as well as lifestyle posts related to travel.

I started this blog whilst I was at university studying for my BA (Hons) Marketing and Advertising degree. I wanted to use this platform to become more experienced in copywriting and more importantly, to write about all the wonderful travels I was embarking on.

In October 2019 I decided I wanted to dedicate more time and effort to my blog and instagram, and decided to have a complete rebrand and overhaul of my appearance on social media. Alas, adventuresxlil was born. Since then, I’ve been growing my brand, increasing my followers and creating travel and lifestyle content that people want to see.

If you want to follow my adventures and be part of my journey, you can follow me on instagram to stay up to date. 

Want to work with me? I welcome opportunities from brands to work on sponsored posts, product reviews and collaborations, and would love to hear from you. To find out more about my audience, companies that I’ve worked with in the past and what I can offer your brand, please get in touch

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