13 things to keep you busy in isolation

With the UK being in (almost complete) lockdown, I’m struggling to stay busy at the best of times, let alone the weekends. So, this week I asked YOU what you think I should do to keep busy.


You had such great ideas for me and I’m so grateful for every single one of you. In this post, I’ve put a list together of all the things you’ve recommended I do this weekend, and linked to all of these fabulous people so anyone new can go and give them a follow!

If you missed the post you can see it on my Instagram profile below:

1. Write a list of things you’re grateful for

A great place to start from @wheres_the_rooftop is writing a list of things you’re grateful for. I think it’s a fabulous idea because we’re all so stressed at the moment that we need to take a moment out to realise that things aren’t really that bad and it’s the little things we can be happy for. 

2. Organise clothes

This was something I wanted to do this weekend anyway, but the lovely @laura_arkell recommended that I organise my clothes and that this might help me to find old clothes I forgot I had! Similarly, @sightswithsteph suggested playing dress up, and I am totally up for this to start thinking about all those lovely outfits I’m going to wear when we can start going out again.

3. Home workouts and yoga

I’ve been working out most days anyway but the weekend is no exception. @meikatravel is a dance tutor and all her classes have been cancelled – I feel for you girl! She recommended home workouts as well as Yoga! @lucywestvp also recommended @shanley_booth for free home workouts on Facebook.

4. Digital clear out 

A great suggestion here from @brunetteroyalty! Having a good digital clear out is something I could do with. I need to sit down on my computer and go through my documents and pictures and have a good clear out! 

5. Gardening

If you’ve got a garden then @maytimeaway has suggested you get out there! I’m going to leave the garden to my mum as I think she would have a fit if I started playing around with the garden… but this is such a great idea! For anyone whose reading this from the UK, you’re going to have some brilliant weather for it this weekend.

6. Cooking 

Lots of you said I should do some cooking, which I definitely will do! @traveldiarywithlove is trying out some cooking as she wants to get better at it. 

7. Organise and edit photos

Another great idea, given by @roxsuitcase. Specifically, she’s suggested that I organise my travel photos, which is definitely something I need to do! I’m running out of content so this is a must-do some time soon. Similarly, @travelteachread recommended that I could edit my travel photos, which is another great idea and way for me to practice my photo editing skills. 

8. Plan and research trips

A lovely idea from @wheres_the_rooftop is to research and plan some trips you want to do in the future, which is a great idea for creating things to look forward to in the future. What’s more, she recommended we do this whilst sipping on some bubbles! I’m down for that!

9. Start (or binge) a new Netflix series

This one is from @arracaptures who has recommended various programmes including Brooklyn 99, Friends, Lucifer, Vikings, Narcos and Mind Hunter… It seems I have a lot of watching to do! 

10. Blogging

Of course! A no brainer here from @keepingupwithmallie for people like me who have a blog. And even if you don’t have a blog, you should try and write some bits and pieces, it can be quite therapeutic.

11. Make a scrapbook 

Loving this idea from @wanderingfromwalsall to create a scrapbook, and specifically for me this would be a scrapbook for all my travels. I love this idea and you can adapt it to a scrapbook for anything you want!

12. Read a book

I need to get back into reading, and a fab idea from @passportwanders. The only thing I struggle with is properly getting into a book or finding a book I’m really interested in! Do you have any book suggestions from ones you’ve read recently? Let me know!

13. Learn a new language 

I had a couple of suggestions on this one, including one from @onevacayaway who recommended learning a new language online.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration to keep busy in these tough times! If you think we’ve missed something off or want to share some more ideas with me, please let me know in the comments of this blog post, or you comment on my Instagram post, I’d love to hear your ideas!

Already done some of these things? Use my isolation bingo template from Pinterest below, and let me know on Instagram!

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